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What is PACE?

1. Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is a way to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades to the buildings of commercial, industrial, nonprofit, and multihousing property owners.


2. Energy-saving measures pursued by the owners receive project financing and are repaid as a separate item on their property tax assessment for a set period.


3. PACE financing helps overcome several barriers to making energy-related building improvements. It eliminates high up-front costs, reduces dependence on credit, and allows for comprehensive retrofits.

Our Mission
Project Process
  • Local government establishes PACE program

  • Owner completes energy audit to find savings

  • PACE administrator approves financing

  • Owner completes energy improvements

  • Owner uses savings to repay assessment

  • Owners current on mortgage and property taxes

  • No federal or state liens against the property

  • Must not be in bankruptcy proceeding

  • Consent from current mortgage lender

  • Term can't exceed useful life of improvements

  • Improvements can't exceed 20% of property value

Why Commercial PACE?

With Commercial PACE financing, the benefits of lower operating costs can be enjoyed immediately. Loans are repaid through an assessment placed on the property tax bill, and 100% of installation costs can be financed for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water efficiency improvements.


We’ve worked hard to earn the reputation we have coming from our quality work with our excellent customer service. The result is an extremely high level of customer satisfaction. In fact, more than 30% of our business comes from happy customers referring new customers to us.

Learn how Commercial PACE can work for you:

Learn how Commercial PACE can work for you:

Making your building more energy efficient increases its value, but can be expensive. With Commercial PACE financing, you can finance 100% of your building upgrade and increase your bottom line while lowering your operating costs.

What are the ideal candidates and properties for Commercial PACE financing?

Older buildings in need of upgrades, properties with no mortgage or low loan-to-value, and properties needing to comply with legal requirements can be excellent candidates. Eligible properties may include commercial offices, apartment buildings, schools, industrial facilities, hotels, retail and restaurants.

What kind of upgrades are eligible?

Eligible upgrades include heating, ventilation and air conditioning, building automation systems, elevator modernization, solar PV or fuel cells, building envelope upgrades, high efficiency lighting, day lighting and occupancy sensors, industrial manufacturing equipment, and more!


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