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About Us


Our solar solutions are designed to suit and are delivered on schedule and within budget. We use exhaustive system metrics to quantify efficiency and performance. Our PV systems are turn-key with an end-to-end advantage: design and engineering, top-tier component procurement, permitting, logistics and staging, installation and integration, system monitoring training and tech support, backed by dedicated local service and support.


We have experience in providing solar solutions for  most of state of California roof types, with the ability to accommodate specialized or challenging installations. We work around customer-specific work schedules and accommodate site specific logistics. Each project is properly permitted and supervised. 


Our solar solutions integrate top-tier equipment from world-class, bankable manufacturers offering industry-leading warranties. Each system is designed around your site specifics, budget and tax credit appetite. We use unbiased 3rd-party engineering firms to review project structural and electrical plans, ensuring the highest quality, successful installations that meet or exceed all local building, electrical and structural codes.


Calstate Energy Inc is a locally owned and managed company that is nationally recognized. Our goal are  customer-focused service, safety, and attention to detail.

The result is a skilled team of employees dedicated to providing competitively priced PV systems, engineered with top-tier equipment and backed by superior customer service. This embedded culture is key in distinguishing us from our competitors—and results in an unprecedented percentage of business derived from referrals.


We have a solid reputation as a leading commercial and residential solar contractor in California . We are recognized as an industry leader—nationwide—in providing the latest proven technological solutions. Among our more efficient installations are those that include micro-inverters. They add significantly more productive value to PV systems with a more accurate production prediction and optimized financial terms and ultimately a stunning ROI (return on investment).

Get to Know Calstate Energy

Calstate Energy is focused on reducing installation lead times that impact system reliability, production, energy savings, and profitability.

Our Philosophy

“Teamwork” does not just mean “working together”. Teamwork is an organisational philosophy, it is a different way of thinking, it is a successful route which really makes the worker COMMIT to the company’s aims.​

This learning is what brings experience to the team.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our work is focused on producing the maximum number of installations of Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems, being leaders in Southern California committed to improving the balance of electric payments of customers, protecting them from the escalation rate on utility rate.


2750 S Garfield Ave.

Commerce CA 90036


We're here to serve you

Tel: (310) 967-2010

Teamwork is Based on the "5 C's"

Complementarity  | Coordination | Communication | Confidence | Commitment

The keys to the team which goes to make up Calsate Energy are:

•    Professionalism

•    Innovative nature

•    Responsibility

•    Learning

•    Skill

•    Attitude

•    Action

•    Believe

•    Belong

•    Behave

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