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Refer-a-Friend Program

We Offer Rewards Through a Project Referral Program!

Why we prefer our customer comes from you?

By implementing this refer-a-friend program we reduce our marketing cost. Which means we can even offer your friends a better bid for their home improvement need!

Isn’t it fairer that way?


For each construction project, you refer to Calstate Energy that becomes a customer; we’ll send you a price reward to express our eternal gratitude. But also, the person you refer us to, will benefit with monetary bonus for his future construction project.


First, you refer us to someone who needs any services we provide. That person gives us your name as the one involving them. Once the project is confirmed, and all contracts are signed, you get your reward sent to you within a week of the project’s completion.

3 Simple Steps

1. Tell a friend or neighbor

If your friend, neighbor, or client is in need of a reputed company specialized in construction, you tell him about us and recommend us.

2. They call us

The client you refer to us gives us a call, tells us who referred them and what project they need our services for. This client will benefit monetary bonus for his future construction project thanks to you.

3. You get a rewards

Once a contract is signed for the new project, YOUR reward is sent out in the mail. Just a small way to show our gratitude for your loyalty.

Our Mission


When do you know about your rewards?

Once a referral is made and set in motion, we will contact you to inform you when we expect to complete the job and reward you for it. The more you refer, the more you earn!

Why with Calstate Energy?

We’ve worked hard to earn the reputation we have coming from our quality work with our excellent customer service. The result is an extremely high level of customer satisfaction. In fact, more than 30% of our business comes from happy customers referring new customers to us.


2750 S Garfield Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90040


We're here to serve you

Office: (310) 967-2010

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