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Solar Panels



We want you to enjoy solar power hassle- and worry-free. That’s why we guarantee our work with a best-in-class comprehensive warranty.


Our standard warranty goes beyond solar panels. We guarantee installation, parts, maintenance and - with our Platinum Protection Package - even the amount of energy generated by your solar system.

Installing Solar Panel

Equipment Guarantee

We cover the physical components of your system.

Many solar systems have a 25-year degradation warranty, but rarely do they cover physical wear and tear beyond 12 years. With a Calstate Energy solar system, every hardware component—including the solar panels, inverter and racking—is completely covered for 25 years.

Heater Maintenance


We cover parts and labor costs for maintaining your system.

Many of our competitors don’t cover the parts and labor costs for repair, but we do with our Platinum Protection Package. Enjoy solar power worry-free, knowing we cover all parts, labor and even shipping costs for any repairs or maintenance for 25 years.

Customer Service

Tech Support

If you have questions, ask them.

We take a proactive approach in ensuring you understand every aspect of your system. Our tech support team will help you with any technical questions you may have, whenever you may have them. Calstate Energy systems are truly a worry- and hassle-free experience.

Heater Monitoring


Effortless system checks and monitoring.

Your system is monitored 24/7! You can schedule a technician to immediately resolve any issue that may occur. After all, the best service is one you don’t even have to think about.

Hotline Consultant

We’re here for you, for the long-term.

We maintain lasting relationships with our customers to ensure continued satisfaction with their Calstate Energy systems. Our world-class customer service team is here for you every step of the way.

Sustainable Energy

Platinum Production

We guarantee the numbers.

With our Platinum Protection Package, when we say your Calstate Energy system will generate a specific amount of energy over time, we mean that as a promise. Most solar companies don’t want to be liable for production output, but we guarantee the numbers year for year, over 25 years, and will cover the difference for any reason.

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