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EV Chargers

You may have noticed more and more hybrid vehicles on the roads and a few electric vehicles. According to the DOT, the average American drives 13,476 miles in a year. We get an average of 24.7 mpg and use 546 gallons of gas (which is equivalent to $1,650 depending on where you reside). That means contributing 4.6 metric tons of CO2 to the atmosphere. Considering that the next gen vehicles still have to be ‘fueled’ (electricity isn’t free), solar power is looking that much more attractive to those wanting to save for retirement while also going green!

What’s more, it probably takes fewer solar panels than you think to get the job done. As always, there are several variables to that equation; how much you drive, your vehicle’s efficiency, the amount of sunshine we get in California in any given year, etc. It will also depend on the type of panels installed for your home charging station. Don’t forget that the 26% tax credit apply!

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