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We Think Up, Design, Develop Projects and Build Hotels

In Calstate Energy Inc., understands design as a strategy to achieve memorable hotel experiences. We help our clients to create and develop their business visions through emotional connections between users and spaces. We create innovative solutions that achieve real transformations. We are committed to a sustainable design that minimizes environmental footprint and meets the objectives of hoteliers through highly functional projects that optimize operational management.

Throughout our many years of experience, we have built trust with interesting as well as demanding clients. Our portfolio, and the brands and people we have worked for, are the ones who best can confirm our work ethic, commitment and professional dedication, moreover, our permanent pursuit of excellence.

Our experience in this market includes:

  • Destination Hotels and Resorts

  • Luxury Resort Residences

  • Conference and Meeting Facilities

  • Fine and Casual Dining

  • Specialty Resort Lodging

  • Base Lodges

  • Adventure Centers

  • Performance Arts Centers

  • Site Work and Infrastructure

  • Parking Structures

Our Mission
Take Charge of Your Future

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